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College Rules and Regulations


1. College Regulations

1. When a student seeks admission to the college, it is assumed by the college that the student has an earnest purpose and he/she is expected to aim at the highest achievement in every sphere and to conduct himself/ herself in a responsible and dignified manner wherever he/she may be.

2. By joining the college the student accepts all its rules and regulations.

3.  He/She also commits herself to participating in intra and inter college programmes.

2. Internal Assessment

1. The College has a system of tutorial perceptional in which students are expected to participate in group discussion and submit written work regularly as per the EC resolution 2003 from the academic year 2003- 2004.

2. 25% of the total marks in a course shall be awarded by the college based on internal assessment on a continuous basis. Such assessment could be base on tutorial work/perceptional work/class presentation and mid term   examination.

3. The internal assessment marks will be shown separately in the mark sheet issued by the University and there marks will be added to the annual examination marks for determining the division of the student.

4. For Examination and Promotion Rules refer to University Calendar Volume I & II 1989 and Volume I 2004.

3. Academic Association

1. Each academic department organises in its own discipline an association of teachers and students.
2.  Every student becomes a member of one academic association and takes an active part in the seminars, symposia, debates, lectures etc., arranged by the association.

4. Written Assignments, House Examinations, Project Work

1. A system of regular assignments, including written assessments and follow- up discussion complements the classroom teaching and promotes better understanding, comprehension and expression in each of the subjects offered by the college. For further details refer to University Calendar Volume I & II 1988, 1998.

2. For examination and promotion rules refer to University Calendar Volume I & II 1989 and 2004.

5.  Discipline

1. The Students of the College are expected to maintain strict discipline in the College.

2. Ragging is banned in the College. In case of violation, the offender(s) will be liable for punishment under the Rules prescribed for the purpose.

3. The Principal reserves the right to take appropriate action: suspend/expel students found guilty of any kind of indiscipline as laid down in the University Ordinance XV-B 

6. Notice Boards

The college notice boards are used to convey official and other information to students. Once a notice has appeared on the notice board, ignorance of it can not be pleaded as justification for non-observance.

7.  Identity Card

1. The Identity Card establishes the student's identity both within and outside the college. The students may be called upon to produce their Identity Card at any time by any of the college staff. Students without their Identity card are liable to be sent home.

8. Certificates, Testimonials, Transcripts
1. Character certificates and testimonials will be issued as per the Performa in use by the college.

2. All students are advised to collect their original certificates submitted at the time of admission, when instructed or at the end of the final year, failing which the college would not be responsible for them.

9. Student Travel Concession

1. Application forms for obtaining concession by railway are available at the general office.

2. An application should contain the following information: -

(i) Name of the Student
(ii) Class in which the student is studying
(iii) Age of the student
(iv) Destination , i.e., town to which the student is traveling.

10. Canteen

The canteen is at the service of the staff and students from 8.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Students are expected to leave the tables as they  have finished their refreshment. As they can use the canteen for dining only.

11. National Service Activities

1. The college offers its students opportunities for personality development and enrichment by means of community and social service in any one of the following programmes.
NCC National Cadet Corps
NSS National Service Scheme

For more details refer to the concerned Convener.