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The Computer Lab, lying unused for the last one year, was made operational during the year. As a consequence, the Department of Commerce could give option of practical papers related to Application of Computers in Business to the students of B.Com (H) Ist year and IInd year and for the students of B.Com (Programme) IIIrd year classes.

Dr. Anil Sardana and Mr. Raj Kumar Aggarwal organized a talk on ‘The Potential of joining the profession of Company Secretary’ with a resource person from the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

The Department also publishes “The Journal of Business Studies” every year to focus on contemporary issues relating to the world of business.

Department of Commerce



Dr. B. C. Sehgal, Ph.D., L.L.B

Mr. Anand Prakash, I.C.W.A

Mr. R.S. Agarwal, M.Com

Mr. O. M. Aggarwal, M.Phil.

Dr. S.B. Saxena, Ph.D.

Dr. G.K. Kapoor, Ph.D.

Mr. A.P. Gupta, M.Com, Dipl. in Foreign Trade

Dr. S.S. Sareen, Ph.D. (Teacher In-charge)

Dr. T.K. Nagpal, L.L.B., Ph.D.

Dr. Bindra Prasad, Ph.D.

(Teacher In-Charge )

Ms. Indra Sharma, M.A. (Economics)

Dr. N. K. Karla, Ph.D.

Mr. A.K. Chadha, M.Com.

Mr. Shyam Sunder, M.Phil.

Dr. B.B. Goenka, Ph.D., F.C.A.

Mr. Rattan Chand Jain, M.Phil.

Dr. Anil Sardana, Ph.D.

Dr. Harish Handa, M.Phil., Ph.D

Dr. D.R. Saklani, M.Phil., Ph.D.

Dr. (Ms.) Kalpana Gupta, Ph.D.

Ms. Lalita Gera, M.Phil.

Mr. Anil Kumar, M.Com.

Mr. Jai Ram Meena, M. Phil.

Mr. Arun Kaushal, M.A. (Economics)

Mr. Amit Kumar Singh, M. Phil.

Ms. Shivani Arora, Ph.D.

Ms. Sonika Sharma, M.Phil.

Ms. Shalini Gupta, M.Phil.

Ms. Shikha Gupta, M.Com.

Ms. Meera Mehta, M.Com.

Mr. A. Shiva Sankaran, M.Phil.

Ms. Vandana Dahiya, M.Com.

Mr. Rajkumar Aggrawal M.Com. C.A, C.S.,

Ms. Ruchi Gupta, M.Phil.

Ms. Aarti Saini, M.Phil.

Mr. Suneel Kumar, M.Phil.

Ms. Gunjan, M.Phil.

Mr. Vikas Pangtu, M. Com.

Dr. Shikha Gupta, Ph.D.

Dr. Pooja Goel, Ph.D.

Ms. Leela Joshi,

Ms. Nupur Agarwal, M.Com

Ms. Meetakshi Pant, M.Com

Ms. Pooja Talwar, M.Com

Ms. Naina Karol, MIB

Mr. Arun Attree, M.Com

Ms. Suchipriya Mittal, M.Com

Ms. Manju Tanwar, M.Com

Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Ph.D.

Ms. Dimple Meena, M.Com

Mr. Sundeep Trehan, M.Com

Mr. Ravikant, M.Com